The center of the building is the atmospheric 180m2 seized large diningroom with high windows and an oak panelled floor, which also serves as reception area for parties of up to 120 people.
Bordering the large dining area is the cosy “Arvenstube”, the home pub where you can get coffee with homemade Bündner Nusstorte or another drink. When the restaurant in the Berghaus is closed, the Stube is opened for passers-by.
The Stube also gives passage to the 72 m2 large conservatory, with glass on three sides and very well fit to accommodate  all kinds of activities and workshops.

Then there is the salon that is also in use as a dining room, with entrance to the wide balcony. The big salon is meant as a lounging area for the house guests. You can find comfortable seats here and a wide balcony from which you can see the deer on the other side of the valley. There is also a majestic Schiedmayer & Soehne grand piano that likes to be played upon. Next to the big salon there is a library, a sunny room for reading and working that has a mignificent view. Side to side with the library is the 30m2 kids corner, that can be used for workshops in periods outside the kids weeks.

On the lower floor, the previous bathing floor, there is a pool billiard and a disco. There is a massage room too, where there is a regular possibility  for a relaxing massage. The other floors (the hotel has 11 floors in total) are connected by a beautiful staircase as well as an elevator.

The 68 spacious, heated bedrooms each have their own individual character. Just as the rest of the building also the bedrooms have been kept in their original state as much as possible. All rooms are equipped with hot and cold water and showers are reached via the corridor. In the 60’s a number of rooms have been renovated. The luxury of a private toilet compensates in these rooms for the loss of authenticity.

All around the hotel you will find seats: in the wind free solar hall, on the terrace with view in front of the house, on the benches next to the house (the smokers spot), at the big bonfire place or the playground above the playing meadow. Nice spots everywhere: kids can build dams and play in the water in the small streams and you can admire the look of the mighty Kurhaus from the sunny meadow.