Opening hours winter, 11h00 – 16h00, other times on request:

Arvenstube Kurhaus: from December 20th 2014 till March 21th 2015 and over Easter

Opening hours summer, 9h00 – 18h00, other times on request:

Arvenstube Kurhaus: June 1th – November 1th 2015
September and October: Saturday closed

Arvenstube Kurhaus

The Arvenstube in the Kurhaus is a cozy café/bar, decorated with aromatic pine wood and an intimate atmosphere. There’s a terrace in front of the café, but you can also take your drink to the panorama terrace to the front of the hotel. And when you’re in the Kurhaus already, feel free to have a look around in some of the other beautiful rooms!

What’s on offer

Our menu offers several small options, such as our home made Bündner Nusstorte, a nutritious Bündner Gerstensuppe, the varied Val Sinestra platter (with only products from the Val Sinestra valley, landscape of the year 2011) or fresh salads. Around lunchtime we also offer a lunch menu with simple and tasty options. In winter nothing is better than a cozy cheese fondue, fondue chinoise or a spaghetti party (on request*). Especially when you combine it with a romantic sleigh ride! Tucked up warmly in blankets and sheep skins with a hot water bottle on your lap, you glide through the winter landscape in around 45 minutes from Sent to Val Sinestra. The restaurant is, especially for sleigh guests, also open in the evenings! * Please call us at least 1 day in advance (+81.866.31.05) to make a reservation.


On foot from Sent ca. 1 ½ hrs, from Vnà in ca. 1 hr. By mountain bike from Sent ca. 30 mins, from Vnà ca. 20 mins. In summer you can drive your car up to the Berghaus. Underneath the Bergaus by the stream is a large car park. In winter the road between Sent and Val Sinestra is closed for all private vehicles. You can order a taxi from Sent, come on foot or by horse sleigh. You can call the Pua family (+ 41.81.864 8433) for reservations.

Public bus timetable (summer only):

Depart Scuol train station 08:10 13:30 17:30 Depart Sent post office 08:24 13:44 17:44 Arrival Val Sinestra 08:45 14:05 18:05 Depart Val Sinestra 08:53 14:53 18:13 Arrival Sent post office 09:10 15:10 18:30 Arrival Scuol train station 09:28 15:28 18:48 In winter we take our guests to Sent and Scuol in our own buses. We can inform you of the current timetables.