FAQ: frequently asked questions


I’m a vegetarian. Do I have to let you know prior to my arrival?

You don’t have to let us know in advance whether or not you wish to eat vegetarian. The base of our meals is always vegetarian, also the soup etc. Every other day we serve meat with a tasty vegetarian alternative.

I have special dietary requirements. Do I have to let you know prior to my arrival?

When you have a special diet, it’s important to discuss this with us before your arrival. We don’t have a special dietary chef and due to our prices we don’t have the budget for special dietary wishes. Of course we do want to help where we can. We are happy to look at the possibilities with you.

It is generally harder here to have access to special products, so it is best to bring these. There is a refrigerator at our guests’ disposal to keep your own products in.

What types of bread do you serve?

At our breakfast buffet, we serve various types of brown bread, and also white bread.

Can I pay by debit or credit card and can I pay in Euros?

It is currently not possible to pay by either debit or credit card in the hotel. In Sent and in Scuol (also at the train station) there are cash machines where you can draw Swiss francs or Euros. It is possible to pay in Euros here, but because we have to then convert it ourselves, the exchange rate is quite high.

The confirmation states that we have to bring our own towels. Is it possible to rent towels at the hotel?

You can rent a towel set for CHF 5,00

Do I have internet access in the hotel?

On the ground floor there’s an open WiFi connection that you can use.

Do you have a washing machine?

On each floor is a utility room with large a sink where you can do a hand wash. Here you’ll also find a wringer and a small drying rack. In Scuol is a launderette.

Can we bring our dog?

In Val Sinestra it’s possible to take your dog on holiday with you. We assume you have considered all the positives and negatives of the long journey. For your dog’s stay in Val Sinestra there are some limitations you should consider. When you bring your dog, you can only book a room in the Berghaus. There your dog is allowed to stay in your room. Please bring your own dog basket or blanket. We only allow dogs that are child friendly, healthy, house trained and obedient. The dog should be able to stay in your room on his own quietly: it is not allowed to bring him into the dining/restaurant area of the Berghaus. Neither is he allowed to come into the hotel where you have your evening meal. Naturally we’ll assume that you’ll make use of the special dog poo bags when you walk your dog around the hotel and Berghaus. When these limitations pose no problems for you and your dog, you are more than welcome to bring him along. Do contact us when you want to bring your dog as we have a limit of how many dogs can stay. We charge a one-off fee of CHF 20,00 per dog.

Should you want to house your dog elsewhere but nearby then we can recommend the kennel in Ramosch: here your dog will have a very enjoyable holiday! www.plandamuglin.ch